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Thread: Ewww, ground noise finally isolated, now wut!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdashiki
    factory wiring was used for the woofers. since they are in the door.

    I have the crossovers woofer out going to the wiring harness in the dash.

    just tested the AMP outputs by removing a tweeter from a crossover and connecting it directly to the amp (no sound was playing, I was just listening for noise, so the fact it got full range doesnt matter).

    I touched the tweeters -/+ wires to the outputs on the amp, everyone produced noise.

    What was truly weird was that I only need to put one of the wires on one contact (either + or -) to get the noise.

    I still would like to take a speaker thats NOT instaleld in my car and test the amp, but its 98% positively the amp, right?

    As a secondary measure, could you check the impedence of the speakers at the output of the amp? They should all be ~4 ohms. The amp is gone but I would like to determine what caused it or it will happen again as soon as you reconnect the amp.

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    Problem Solved


    but I think the problem was solved this morning.

    The fact that the one tweeter still made noise when it was basically isolated bothered me....and that people had said to check for kinks and what not also made me think the tweeter itself might be the problem.

    Also when connecting that specific tweeter to the outputs on the amp and still getting noise, AS WELL as only holding ONE wire (of the +/-) to the outputs still got sound, made me think the tweeter was shorting somewhere.

    So this morning I checked the rear left tweeter.

    Lo and behold its wires were PINCHED by the seatbelt bolt, against the chassis. How it happened and I didnt notice is beyond me.

    When I took the tweeter out I saw that the neg. wire was frayed down to a single copper thread. Which leads me to believe that had I just completely severed the wire I would have been much better off because the tweeter not working period would make me rewire it. Instead I had to go thru all this to find this out.

    So anyway, I stripped the wires and reconnected them.

    The noise has disappeared!

    Thanks for all the help, and thank GOD its NOT my amp.

    Though I still have some soft "static", like what you hear with "silence" only slightly louder....
    (All done)
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    glad you got it all sorted out!
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    Congratulations. Now I need to figure out where mine noise is coming from. Hmm.

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    phew, glad you figured it out.
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    ...let's condense this into an FAQ

    Hi all,

    I didn't begin reading this thread until today (while searching for an answer to my own grounding issues), but there is some VERY helpful advice pertaining to constructing muting plugs/tracing ground loops/amplifier theory, etc. that would probably be helpful if edited into an FAQ...

    ...just a thought,


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