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Thread: whats the best way to wire these subs/amp

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    they also have a 10" model pioneer *tear* im so lost now

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    first of all the rockford subs will hit harder and louder than any pioneer on the market. If you go with the 4 8" subs you can use the amp in its bridged mode to get 300 wats per sub. Also if you already have the amp you may have noticed that it is much more powerful that it is rated. Rockford tends to under rate there amps by up to 40%. The subs should be wired like this:
    Amp (bridged)
    + -
    | |____ -(sub 1)+_____-(sub 3)+__
    | | | | | |
    | -(sub 2)+ -(sub 4)+ |
    i guess that this diagram wont come out right.

    this will be a 4 ohm load assuming all of the subs are 4 ohm subs

    I would really recomend two 10" p3's over the eights. But if you want eights then you should really go with JL eights they will sound better than any rockford sub and will cost about the same.
    I recomend these subs:

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    the rockfords subs will be better than the pinoeers

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    i was just talking to the hardest hitting 6x9 page then i was readingf this page so here is another option for you to consider
    earthquake specs for you from thier site
    SWS-6.5" 200watt Max 1 3/4" mounting depth 1 1/4" long throw excursion
    SWS-8" 300watt Max 2 1/8" mounting depth 1.5" long throw excursion
    SWS-10" 400watt Max 2 11/16" mounting depth 1.75" long throw excursion
    SWS-12" 600watt Max 3" mounting depth 2" long throw excursion
    so the box should be able to fit almost anywhere with that shallow of mounting depth

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    just for the record i messed up the link yesterday here is the correct one
    sorry all about that mix up

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    man oh man oh man, too many options now, well the rockfords will be cheaper if i go with 4 of them, they'd run about 70 bucks a piece, so $280...not a bad deal
    whereas a combination of the other ones will be a good amount more, but the shallow mounts are dead sexy, and more shallow then my initial rockford pick, but my question is which combination will have cleaner sound?

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    I would go with the rockfords, you will be a good sound that won't hurt your wallet. Those Pioneer subs are not cheap and don't sound all that great. I would stay away from the shallow mount subs. I put 2 of the earthquakes in my friends sporttrac and they sound like hell. Oh and B-E-N, last time i checked Rockford has not won any sound competitions in a while and pioneer has.
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