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Thread: Jetta Mk5 2006 Audio Input?

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    Question Jetta Mk5 2006 Audio Input?

    Guys can you help?

    I am just about to take delivery of a brand new VW Jetta 2006 Mk5 TDI Sport. I have modded stuff for years but have never touched my car so I want to start off small. I have a DELL PDA and Sony Ericson phone to mount in it so first I would like to rig up audio in. Can anyone tell me what cable I need? Some posts I have read suggest I just need a converter cable and some posts suggest I need one with a bit of logic as it needs to trick the interface that it is a CD, its all very confusing!
    I will have the standard CD player unit rather than the SAT NAV version if this matters.
    I have found this website but unfortunately its not very helpful about telling you what you need,

    Thanks in advance, regards.

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    I found this thing, with a little research. I think a Jetta comes with a RCD300
    Can anyone confirm this?


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