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    Question A Question!

    Someone broke into my car and jacked out my headunit and now i can afford to get myself a new headunit for now. so for the mean time i want to know if i can connect my mp3 player to my car speakers and to make things thnings even more complicated i dont have an amp

    Thanks alot in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    yes, but you probably won't be able to hear it.

    you really need some sort of amp.

    lol...yeah, you're going to need an amp.

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    well that mean saving up cash for a new headunit

    Thanks anywayz for the help 3onDubs and Enforcer

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    Not necessarily, just get a seperate amp only, the MP3 players volume control will be enough for volume control. And then later you can get a seperate HU that has line outs to connect to the amp, or just put a car PC in.

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    well, in the transition period between when i took out my headunit, and from the time that i'm going to put in my carputer this week, i've been running off my mp3 player, straight into a 4-channel amp, into the speakers, i've been doing this for a while, cuz my carputer project is...lets just say...slowly funded.

    its an old muvo 256mb thing that takes AAA batteries, and its been doing just fine

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    how much will a regular amp cost then guys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deandaman
    how much will a regular amp cost then guys?
    Depends on what you want to get in the way of channels, power, features, quality, etc.
    go do some research, man. There's dozens of online resellers of car audio products where you can do comparisons. You could also go to your local car stereo shop and get information there, as well.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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