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Thread: two touchscreens pls help

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    Question two touchscreens pls help

    i need some help. i just bought a truck and want to install two vga touchscreens in my sunvisors. i want to be able to use either moniter, for example if the passenger wants to select a song on my car computer i want to be able to use the passenger moniter, or vise versa. i want both moniters to view the same thing and be able to make a selection on either moniter. hope that makes sense any help would be appreciated. thank u in advance.

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    All you need is a VGA splitter so they'll show the same thing.
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    the moniters use usb for the touchscreen part. how would i go about doing this? would i just plug both them in seperate usb ports? im new at all this stuff.

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    makes sense to me

    but what does this have to do with car audio?

    wouldn't this belong in the screens section?
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    yeah it should work the same way as having to monitors hooked up t your home computer as well as 2 mice hooked up, both mice would work independently of each other.

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    merde! this has been asked many times before!

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