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Thread: how u remove the radio from 2000 civic

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    how u remove the radio from 2000 civic

    I have been trying everyway to remove this radio from my 2000 civic; however, the brezel can't never get out of dash. I used enough force that I could almost break this brezel. Can anyone tell me where might i have missing in here? May be i forgot a screw somewhere. I have unscrewed the two underneath the dash; still no work.
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    I have an '01 civic, and to remove the radio bezel, there are 2 deep plastic tabs on each side and then 3 tabs on top and bottom. They are really stuck if they have never been removed before. If you use a butter knife, you can dig down there pretty far to twist it out without damaging the plastic surrounding. Not sure if it is like the '01 but should be close. They did a redesign in '01, but I don't know how extensive.
    By the way, are you just trying to remove the radio, or the entire bezel with AC and heater controls too?

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    You have to take off the dash pieces under both the passanger and driver side, then the dash piece in the center where the 12v power socket is. THEN you can remove the 4 screws that is holding the dash in place. Its a ***** and a half to remove though. You have to unscrew the emergancy light button and unplug emergancy controls. It took me a good hour to get the thing out so good luck!
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    No need to unscrew those--there is a bright blue harness and small brown plug that can be disconnected, just break the little tab that holds it to the subdash and it can stay attached to the radio bezel. It's the harness in step 12 of the link above. The hazard button harness is still a little tight, but not too bad.

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