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    I can't seem to get my headunit (DXZ655MP) to read the Sirius tuner I just bought. I connected it using a CeNet cable but it won't allow me to change modes to read the tuner. This is the second tuner I've tried and still no luck. Please help!

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    Not all CeNet devices work with all CeNet headunits. If the DXZ655MP instruction manual does not discuss connecting a Sirius tuner then it probably doesn't support it. To be sure, you should contact Clarion customer support.

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    Most radios will also have a 'Sirius Ready' or 'Sat Radio Ready' symbol on the front of it if it is supported.

    Though on the Clarion website it does say that supports 'Sirius Control', so i'm guessing that isn't the case here.

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