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    Quick Question...

    I'm new the forums (registered but forgot) and this is a great site

    I wanted to get started on my project, but for right now I need a simple, but effective solution :P

    I have a 2001 Mustang GT with a Mach 460 sound system with a CD6 changer. I want to have a aux input so I can play MP3s through the HU, without getting a another HU (short on cash). Is there anyway I can do this?

    Please help!

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    Search for 'mach 460' on these forums. Seems there are a few other people in your situation. I did some quick reading and it doesn't look like there's any good way to connect to the mach system, but the threads were years old. FM modulator/transmitter is always an option, as is buying a new amp and hooking it up to your existing speakers.

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    Yes, you will need the AUX-IN adapter for your factory head unit. It uses the CD-Changer input on the back.

    Crutchfield has one for $69.99:

    Good Luck.

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