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Thread: Funky Sound Problem

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    Funky Sound Problem

    i am running a laptop carputer set up. when the power invertor is on there is alternator whine and a weird crackling noise. i assume its a ground loop problem, but i hooked up an isolator the the audio out and it didnt fix it . any ideas/suggestions...i am using a usb external sound card that i got from best buy . when the laptop is on battery it sounds great.

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    a power inverter will do that. i have the same problem, but i'm not sure how to fix it.

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    its a dirty power supply and the power supply of the laptop cant clean it. You need a true sine wave invertor. Usually a bit more pricey.

    Why not use a 12v cig adapter for your laptop instead? Or a carnetix 1900?

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    any suggestions on where to get a 12v cig adapter for my laptop?

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    EDIT: I saw an add in the paper yesterday that said..."You can get IT at ebay...whatever IT may be"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3onDubs

    EDIT: I saw an add in the paper yesterday that said..."You can get IT at ebay...whatever IT may be"
    as I have said for thousands of posts (hehe)

    an inverter is one of the worst ways to incorporate a computer in the car. They are inherently messy and induce so much noise it's unbeleavable. For the same amount of money that a GOOD inverter would cost you, you can get a GOOD dc-dc power supply. Not only will it be smaller, but it incorporates much more into it and is 100x easier to implement and use in a car.

    Not just talking about start-up and shut-down procedures here.
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