just got done putting in a wired fm modulator for my mp3 and it's working absolutely great and far better than that wirelsss fm transmitter i owned for about two seconds. my only issue is that when you turn off the car, which then turns off the fm mod, you're suddenly subject to a huge burst of static from the station you're tuned to. if i could remember to turn off/down the radio before turning off the car, i'd be okay, but i'm a little too dim to remember that kind of stuff.

so, is there any alternate wiring that would take care of the problem. hmmm. come to think of it: i have the fm mod wired to the cigarette lighter for power. what if i wired it to the radio's power wire instead? doh!

also: my fm mod has an on-off switch. since i don't usually listen to the radio, is there any reason why i shouldn't leave the mod on all the time?