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Thread: Newbie needs help with 2001 Audi A4 Avant

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    Newbie needs help with 2001 Audi A4 Avant

    Hi guys n girls,

    Hoping you can help a newbie here:

    Midway through installation of a sub and amp to my wife's 2001 (B5 chassis)Audi A4 Avant. This is a standard (non-Bose) concert set-up.

    Reading on the various Audi forums I have learned that the rear speakers are powered by a small circuit board amplifier, which I can hi-jack for signal and remote (amp on/off) connections. I have been told that this amplifier is actually fixed to the rear left hand speaker.

    However, it turns out that this is the location if the car is a saloon/sedan, not the avant/estate model.

    Does anyone know where this little amplifier might be in the avant model? I don't really want to have to rip the car to pieces just to find it, if someone here can tell me where it might be. I have phoned my local dealership and spoken to their parts guys, but (and as is often the case) they know nothing, and say that only the Bose-equipped cars have amplifiers, which I know not to be the case.

    Help anyone?



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    I dont' have a direct answer but here's some food for thought:

    I had a simlar thing with my bimma. most have an amp... except for mine! turns out the headunit is what had the amp so it may be a similar case.

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    As far as I can tell, the amplifier for the rear speakers is indeed located on the left rear woofer on the 2001 A4 Avant Concert system. I'm looking at the diagrams for the Sedan and the Avant and there seems to be very few differences between them.

    If you cannot locate the amplifier, you can always tap into the wires you need at the head unit connection, right? It looks like the wires you need are in the largest connector (20 or so pins it looks like). It appears the audio signal is at pins 1, 2, and 3 (White, Yellow, Violet), and the remote signal looks to be at pin 6 (White). I can't be sure of which wire is which on the audio signal, you'll have to test and find out.

    Here are the two wiring diagrams:
    2001AudiA4AvantRadio.pdf (AM/FM Stereo with CD Changer, Avant)
    2001AudiA4SedanRadio.pdf (AM/FM Stereo with CD Changer, Sedan)

    Good Luck

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    The amp was on the rear driver side speaker on mine. I'm guessing its gonna be on the same speaker in your car. just see if u can access that speaker and you'll probably find it easily.
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