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Thread: Quick Audio Question!

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    Quick Audio Question!

    i was just wondering if you have a 2000 watt amp and it has 2 channels does that mean each channel puts out 1000 watts. i want to get 2, 1000 watt subs in my trunk but i dont know whether to get a 2000 or 1000 watt amp if it has 2 channels.

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    Amps are rated at max output and rms output, so are subs, so make sure that your amp has no higher rms than the subs can handle. Amps also are rated depending on the load (ohms) of the speakers connected to them. Read the datasheet on the amp to see what sort of speakers it can handle, it will also tell you the different ouput powers depending on the channels, bridging, and impedances of the speakers. Just make sure the amp doens't output more than the subs can handle, or you will blow them out.

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    just an addition: you can go a bit ove,r but not by much. You just need to keep yoru gains down. I've been told that a good way to set the gains is by getting the subs to the point of distortion when the system is at 3/4 the max volume, and then touching it down a bit. The gains just give you a little leeway. But as dvjettaiii said, RMS should be your main concern, not the max wattage. Why not give us the amp and the subs you're planning to use and we'll give you the okay?
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