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Thread: Orion HCCA-D5000 SNR... WTF?

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    Orion HCCA-D5000 SNR... WTF?

    After hearing nothing but none stop preaching of Orion amps I decided to check out their published numbers. I immediatly noticed that the SNR is at -59 dba (for the D5000, and gasp -57 for D2400) How the hell can an amp be rated at a negative SNR? Is it cause Orion sucks or perhaps a typo (not that 59 dba is any good either) I understand that the amp is meant simply to push drivers and not really ment to be listened too but damn... I mean -59dba!?!?!

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    Its a mono amplifier designed for large output and not SQ. If you want to produce so much power yet keep it in the cost bracket, you have to skimp somewhere.

    Im sure they measured the noise floor at 4 ohm output as well.


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