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Thread: Car Stereo/Speaker/Amp Question

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    Unhappy Car Stereo/Speaker/Amp Question

    I currently am running a JVC EXAD AV-1 head unit in my 95 Acura Integra. This is connected to a Pyramid (i know, it's low end but i will be upgrading soon) 400W amp and an Audiobahn 800W sub amp. The sub amp is hooked up to an Audiobahn bass tube, 10" with JBL speaker inside and sounds great. The Pyramid is hooked to two small Audiobahn speakers in the front (Audiobahn DUB250 5.25", 80W RMS) and a matched component system (Audiobahn ABC600T 6 1/2", 140W RMS) with detached tweeters and crossover units in the back. Power rating on everything is in line with what should be getting sent to it. However, the back speakers cannot handle bass worth beans. I'd like to upgrade so I can get the clean warm deep sound I crave but don't know what a good choice of speakers might be. Currently I'm getting a lot of vibration type sounds and crackling in the speakers, especially in the rear. Mostly on bass heavy music (ie hip hop). HPF is set to 55 to let the least amount of bass into those speakers, stereo can't be turned up higher than 15 before the sound quality rapidly decreases to the point of not even worth listening to. HELP! I was thinking of buying a new head unit and speakers. I have been looking at the new 9800 Pioneer Premier model head that just came out. I like the sound I got from my old Pioneer head unit much better than what I've gotten from the JVC. That could be a start but I need help figuring out what I should look for in speakers and what sort of amp I should throw in to replace that Pyramid, which I believe could be causing some of the problem too. Any help, insight, advice, suggestions, previous experiences would be greatly welcomed.

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    In my car, I have to have my HPF curve set closer to 80/120 Hz on my 6.5" Polk MOMOs. You need to turn your crossover up a little bit. You aren't going to get a heck of a lot of bass out of a 6.5" no matter what you do, at least not as much as it sounds like you want. That's what you have the sub for, to make up for what the smaller speakers can't do.

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