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Thread: Installing a System into a Maxima Trouble !!

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    Installing a System into a Maxima Trouble !!

    Ive got a 98 Nissan Maxima...Im having a problem. I Have 2 subwoofers and a box and prob is with the Amp. Im trying to hook it up to my stock Bose Radio system..i have a line out adapter but im hearing its going to be very tricky because the speakers are amplified allready does anyone know what i can do or has anyone come across this ??

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    I wired my buddy's system (93 Maxima) by hooking up the line-out converter to the speaker level inputs after the amp, post amp. I'm pretty sure some of the line-out converters have adjustable inputs on them. When we tried to hook it up pre-amp we didnt not have enough power, post amp there was enough power.
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    The Bose systems in the Maxima have an amp at each speaker and not one central one. The best place to tap in will be on the rear speakers. Sometimes they'll put the amps off to the side and sometimes there will be a big black plastic thing over the bottom of the speaker. If there's nothing directly behind the speaker it's cake. Just tap onto the speaker wires before they connect to the speaker.

    If there's a big black box under the speaker you'll have to take it off. If it's bottom mounted it's easy. If it's top mounted, the plastic by your back window and possibly your rear seat need to come out. Same thing after that, just grab the wires before they connect to the speaker.

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