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Thread: using the AUX input on a Sony CDX-C6750

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    using the AUX input on a Sony CDX-C6750

    I have a Sony CDX-C6750 cd player in my car. The head unit has AUX INPUT jacks on the back of the head unit but I can't select the "AUX INPUT" as a "source" . I can only toggle back and forth between the CD player and the radio.

    When I go into the "set up" menu it does not give me the option of turning on the AUX INPUT the way my Pioneer head unit does.

    Does anyone know how to do this? I searched the Sony Website and they only have the manual for CDX-C7000 and it is much more advanced then the unit that I have.

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    I'm going to move this to the CarAudio forum in hopes that someone there might be able to assist you.
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    there may be a setup menu for your head unit when the sources are selected to off. It may be kind of similar to the aiwa head units setup menu. Try going into setup when the sources are off, not when the entire headunit is off. It should be going through its demo if the sources are off
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    Quote Originally Posted by pancit175
    It should be going through its demo if the sources are off
    If the demo is disabled, then the headunit will be effectively 'off'.

    As for that headunit, the 'aux' inputs on the back are only if you have the 'Unilink' aux input adapters hooked up.

    You will need this:

    Or this, which gives you two RCA inputs, as well as a USB audio input (from a computer, you CANNOT plug in a portable mp3 player or harddrive to this)

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    Jahntassa is correct.

    I have a very similar Sony xPlod in my Jeep. On the back are tow RCA's they work in conjunction with the CD Changer. I own the SOny xa-300 and it works wonders. I have my Sirius sportster and my PC plugged into it, basically they appears as additional CD sources.

    CD1 is the in Deck CD, CD2 is the Changer , CD3 is the Aux ( in my case the Sirius ), CD4 anothe Aux and CD5 the PC via USB

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    Exclamation It in the settings. turn the Aux option to ON

    If you are not getting a AUX option and if your set has a AUX in option in the front panel, then the most possicle cause is that the AUX option in the settings is turned to "OFF"

    Press and hold the Volume know to get into the settings menu

    Keep clicking the volune knob to move around different options in the settings

    Stop at Front Aux or A OFF and turn the know like how you adjust volume to turn it to "ON" press the knob again to save the settign and move to next option in the menu

    Now press and hold the knob to exit the setting menu

    Now you will be able to toggle between "AUX" , "CD Player" AND "Tuner" with the Source button on your set
    Or you may direct hit the Aux by pressing the AUX on the remote control

    Hope it helped

    -Agni Sharman
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