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Thread: MitchJS Sirius question

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    MitchJS Sirius question

    Hey all-

    First off, i have the MitchJS RS232 solution, and it rocks! I have been using it for a couple months, and i love it. The only small issue i have is the sound quality. i have tried hooking it up to 3 different audio cards (via 1200 onboard, m-audio transit, and sb audigy zs 2 notebook; all with updated drivers). I have tried removing all periphals from my pc, and have also tried with both analog and digital connections.
    With all of these combinations, i have been unable to improve the sound quality to anything above a tinny 8K bitrate sound.

    Should i purchase the USB version? does it have upgraded parts besides the usb interface?

    Any O/S changes?

    thanks for any help,


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    I have the USB version and I don't think it's going to make a difference.
    The biggest thing is to use the optical out on the unit, I have mine hooked
    to an audigy 2 NX, it sounds alright, not great, just alright. This has nothing
    to do with Mitch's units, Sirius broadcasts at a low bitrate. If you have a
    quality sound system your going to hear the flaws that much more. Make sure your getting a solid signal, and check the com port settings in device manager,
    play with those and see if that helps.


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