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Thread: Bosch relay (and 528t) not working

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    Bosch relay (and 528t) not working

    I had a bosch style relay connected to my ignition wire (that is coming off of my M2-ATX). When I started teh car, the ignition line off of the relay wouldn't latch.

    Also, I am trying to use a DEI 528T which uses a bosch style relay and a timer and I cannot get that to work. I am thinking they are both having issues for the same reason.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    528T sounds like the module I used to control my car's sunroof with the car alarm.

    i got mine installed at circuit city. the first one came bad/malfunctioned.

    the 2nd one they put in operates 100% no problems.

    They tried telling me a bunch of horror stories about this module, and how they're not responsible if the sunroof gets stuck open. i'm like "STAFOOOOOO"


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