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Thread: Car audio question - 2003 Audi A4 - how to power it?

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    We would need to leave it at volume 12 i think on the HU, unless we could disable the function that kicks it to 12 each time it is powered on.
    your unit kicks the volume to 12 everytime its turned on?? mine stays at the level you left it when the car was shut off...

    yes ive tried using it with the face plate off. i bought my car used, and the tape slot had some sticky stuff keeping the little door down, so i took the faceplate off to clean that all up. when i pulled it off i forgot the radio was still on and it still played music haha.

    it would only need to be pushed back about 2 inches at most. just the thickness of the screen. and im 80% sure there is enough room. haha.

    mounting the screen in that Metra kit is a great idea. on my last car i made a face plate type thing out of plexi, and that was a PAIN. it looked good but took forever to make haha. so i will definitely be using the Metra kit on my next install. im not exactly sure how it would all fit together. but im sure there is enough space up there to fit the screen and the HU. im a firm believer in where theres a will theres a way, especially when it comes to building something. i think im going to be going this route with my install (atleast at first hehe) but ill keep posted to see what descisions/route you choose to go.

    @puffanug: i had a computer installed in my 2000 a4, but i rolled/totalled it in early march. luckily i was able to get all of my parts out though! ive picked up a 2003 a4 and im about to order the metra kit and ill be starting a worklog once its under way. im glad to find someone else at the same stage of install as i am. should be fun. im keeping an eye on your worklog as well. you should probably post some progress before the whores take it over! haha. (motivation)

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    You can control the radio with the multi=function steering wheel
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    I have no multifunction steering wheel control LOL

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    well this is a little late for you i guess but here goes...

    as you may or may not know (i new soo) im doing a carputer mod for my '02 A4 as well. i didnt know much about the a4 audio until this thread so once i read it , i started hacking away. haha.

    basically, since I want to do this the cheapest way possible until I have money, I wired my audio so that just my rears are playing. ill keep it this way until i figure out an amplifier option for the fronts.

    what i did was, jumped the white amp power-on wire with the red/blue 12v line. this powered the amp up. then i simply spliced and a RCA-3.5" connection on the Line-Out wires and remembering to connect ground, white wire inbetween the RL + RR wires. and, wolah! my rears play and are powered up right through the amp, sounding just like it did with my HU in. i guess to understand, you have to look at the wiring diagrams above, or in may seem like jibberish.

    again, now i have to worry about powering the fronts, but w/e that can wait!
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    check out my install. it may help. i powered the speakers with the stock headunit using an aux adapter.

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