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Thread: 04 accord

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    04 accord

    im installing a double din pioneer avic d2 in my 04 accord and i dont know where the speed senor cable is located and the color. can someone help me out here?

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    12volts white (50A) + ignition harness
    Ignition black/yellow + ignition harness
    Parking Lights+ red/black + top of fuse box, large white plug
    Parking Lights- red/black - headlight switch in column cover
    Headlight black/red or blue/red - headlight switch in column cover
    Trunk/Hatch Release yellow/green + driver kick, harness to rear
    Power Sliding Door N/A
    Speed Sense blue/white ECM/PCM
    Notes: The ECM/PCM is on the front of the transmission tunnel. The connectors are on the passenger side. On the 4 cylinder models the VSS wire is in the white 31 pin connector E, pin 26. On the 6 cylinder models it is in the gray connector A, pin 11.
    Wipers green/white - windshield wiper switch
    LF Window up/dn red/black - red/yellow A LF window switch in door
    RF Window up/dn red/blue - red A RF window switch in door
    LR Window up/dn red/white - blue/black A LR window switch in door
    RR Window up/dn red/white - blue/black A RR window switch in door
    Sun Roof open/close green/yellow - green/black A moonroof motor, rear of roof
    Notes: This is only on the sedans. On the coupes the moonroof motor is integrated into the moonroof control unit not allowing access to the motor wires.
    Sun Roof Limit/close N/A
    Memory Seat 1 N/A
    Memory Seat 2 N/A
    Memory Seat 3 N/A
    Interface Module: Category:
    Immobilizer Bypass Required:
    Yes Type:
    Part #: 556HW
    Alternate Part1 #: 556UW
    Alternate Part2 #: DesignTech 20402
    Alternate Part3 #: DesignTech 29402
    Notes: Standard on all models.
    Smart Starter Kill Relays: Not Available

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