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Thread: Ground Loop Isolator is causing noise?

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    Question Ground Loop Isolator is causing noise?

    I was getting alternator whine so I attempted to install a Ground Loop Isolator (GLI) from Radio Shack between the lineout on the S50 cardock and the AUX in on my Headunit. The whine is no longer there, however instead there is a crackling noise that increases in speed and pitch from the alternator. I disconnected the end connected to the s50 car dock, and only had the end connected to my headunit hooked up, and the crackling was still there. If i move around the GLI the cracklin gets worse and better. It seems the GLI itself is picking up alternator noise! I tried getting a replacement GLI from Radio Shack thinking it must be defective, same problem.

    When i do not have the GLI connected to the headunit, the crackling isnt there, even if im using a standard RCA cable.

    Any ideas?

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    Try another GLI.
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    I have tried 2 of the same one from Radio Shack (thinking the first might be defective), and also tried a scoche brand from walmart... I am going to go to a local car audio show here tomorrow but i dont know if they offer any different ones. Any other ideas?

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