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Thread: subaru impreza subwoofer enclosures

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    subaru impreza subwoofer enclosures

    i gutted everything out of my car a few weeks back, and im ready to re-build... before i had 1 kicker s12l5 sub in the trunk with a 2 cu ft sealed box which i made myself; it was massive and a total waste of the tiny subaru trunk. ive glanced through the project gallerys but it seems no one has payed much attention to their enclosures (or atleast photographing them.)

    anywho, im going to get rid of the 12" kicker and go with a smaller polk 10" to save space. i have an idea of flush mounting it in the spare tire well and building a 'false floor' on top of it, this was i can put all my electronics in the trunk mounted on the floor and then through the false floor on top. this way it looks like there is nothing in the trunk, and i can still through **** in my trunk. any impreza (sedan) owners interested in something like this; it would be easy to build a couple set-ups while i have it all taken apart.

    anyone have better ideas for sleek/efficient boxs in a suby? post some pics!

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    post pics of your trunk
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    will do, when its not 1am. subaru forgot to put a trunk light in there 2002-2003 imprezas. imagine that...

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    Have you ever thought about free-air install? I did it in my impreza and it works good. May be my low-freq sound isn't so precise as in case of a box install of subwoofer but I still happy with the sound. I have good sound system at home (Yamaha amp + Accoustic Energy Aegys Evo 3) because I like good sound so I can see the difference between good and bad sound. I have some pics of incomplete install but you can still get the idea...
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    Here's my current setup for my 05 WRX sedan, box weighs about 15l bs without the sub (fiberglass). The amp rack is also fiberglass and weights about 7 lbs without the amps!

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    like the amprack

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