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Thread: Replacing 2000 Suburban factory radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duvallon View Post
    I still need to know which wires i connect to the remote wire
    Perhaps a trip over to (2001 Tahoe stereo) is all you need for the information you seek.
    If not, let me know. I might be able to whip up something to send you in that case.

    EDIT:Oh, and I almost forgot about this thread with other related links:

    There are (or have been) many sites online with that info.

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    Talking Does anyone know their delco wiring history???

    Hey all there,

    I just thought I'd shed a little light on this subject matter. First of all, some of you should remember Delco's wiring history and that little has changed in almost 30-40 years. First of all, I am including a basic pinout info pdf for this style of delco radio from Delphi. To get your specific radio's pinout information, contact delphi and include the GM part number and they will send you the pinouts and service manual by request.

    Next, the 21 pin plug is as follows:

    1 - LF Neg - Grey
    2 - LF Pos - Tan
    3 - RF Neg - Dk. Green
    4 - RF Pos - Lt. Green

    5 - Ground - Black
    6 - Parking Lamps (pulse dimmer - display) - Brown (Purple and White on some vehicles)
    7 - Illumination Dimmer - Grey (May be Yellow on some vehicles)
    8 - Power Antenna/Auxillary Device 14VDC - Pink (Orange on some vehicles)
    9 - Ignition 12 VDC - Yellow (Dk. Green on some vehicles)
    10 - Battery/Memory - Orange

    11 - No Connection Unless Monsoon/Bose (AMP Sense)
    12 - No Connection Unless Monsoon/Bose (RSA Enable)
    13 - ASWC2 (Mosoon/Bose)
    14 - ASWC1 (This is an auxillary switch. Not sure if it works though)
    15 - Entertainment and Comfort Data Stream/Bus - Dk. Green (May also be Lt. Green in some vehicles).
    16 - No Connection

    17 - RR Neg - Lt. Blue
    18 - RR Pos - Dk. Blue
    19 - LR Neg - Yellow
    20 - LR Pos - Brown

    AUX Ports:
    9 Pin Port 1:

    7 - Auxillary Power/Onstar Power 14VDC - Pink (May have 2 wires)
    8 - Illumination Dimmer - Grey
    9 - No Connection or Shield - Bare
    10 - R Pos AUX In - Red (May have 2 wires, may also be Dk. Green and White in some vehicles)
    11 - L Pos AUX In - White (May have 2 wires, may also be Brown and White in some vehicles)
    12 - AUX Neg/Common - Bare or Black with White (May have 2 wires)
    13 - AUX Device Ground - Black (May have 2 wires)
    14 - Entertainment an Comfort Data Stream/Bus Dk. Green (May have 2 wires)
    15 - Battery/Memory - Orange

    Note: All systems only require that 9 pin port 1 be used for Onstar and an auxillary device. 9 Pin port 2 is only for systems that have rear seat volume and radio controls also with amplifiers as well. 9 pin port 2 was only on the Delco units with auto tone control and speed controlled volume (as well as Bose) and that are not - 32 pin.

    9 Pin Port 2:

    15 - Entertainment and Comfort Data Stream/Bus - Dk. Green
    16 - Vehicle Speed Sensor (Speed Controlled Volume) - Dk. Green and White.
    17 - RR Neg - Black
    18 - RR Pos - Dk. Blue
    19 - LR Neg - Brown
    20 - LR Pos - Brown
    21 - N/C
    22 - N/C
    23 - N/C

    I hope this helps clear some things up.

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    Cool help with 2005 tahoe

    Hi I hope someone can give me any help my tahoe sound from speakers just stopped. radio is working i see what song is playing but no sound. had fuses checked they are fine.. also i have no chim with key in ignition no seat belt chime either. can anyone give me any ideas. some one said it might be my onstar transmitter. i dont use onstar how can i fix my problem. cant be in car without tunes!!!

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    speakers working but aftermarket subs are not

    ok so i wired up all the harnesses to the new head unit and that works fine and all the speakers put out... well they do now they only did intermittenly before with the aftermarket subs working all the time... then i read on this forum to cross the blue and pink wires from the different harnesses and ever since i fired it up after doing that the stock speakers work... the amp turns on... but no sound from the aftermarket sub. any help?

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    okay i have tried everything and have figured this out with a little help from my engineering father-in-law. If you have a tape deck seperate from your cd player and factory subwoofer you just cut the pink wire from the small prong plug,... Connect it to the power ant(orange) on the large 21 prong plug and make sure that you connect that power ant to someting coming from your stereo. I connected mine to the amp remote wire,... I am assuming it could be conneccted to any remote wire or possible the ignition wire... But if any of thats wrong i am 100% sure that the wiring is correct we just hooked it up yesterday. This is probably the same wiring with all setups you as long as you dont want onstar

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    Important !!!!!!! You have to connect the orange wire that you see on the diagram thats running to the amp also to the remote and pink wire that you connect and this will fix it exactly and cruthcfield would tell you this if you bought your head unit from them

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    If connecting the pink wire to the orange works let me know because i am having the exact same problem and i dont wana pay 150 to fix it.

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    Hey there C-Diddy,

    I am new to this forum, and have really been at a loss for fixing this problem with the whole factory radio thing not working with aftermarket units.... UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me put to rest this silly uncertainty of being unable to incorporate a new unit in your Suburban. I have a 2000 GMC Yukon XL ( Same as Suburban ) with the premium sound system ( NOT BOSE ) but has a factory amp and the stock Sub-woofer. I have the two plugs as mentioned in the previous posts, the 21 pin, and the 18 ( 9 ) pin. I also have On-Star, and the rear controls for the stereo in the console in between the two front seats, which is for the second row passengers. Anyways enough of the details, Here is the FIX!

    All you have to do is connect the Pink wire from the 9 pin ( simply pull it out and snip it ) and splice it into the Orange wire on the 21 pin plug ( labeled 'Power Ant' ). I did this by exposing the Orange wire before the connection to the plug, and simply wrapped the Pink wire around the Orange and taped it up to keep it covered.

    I now have perfect stereo completion, and all it was, was the silly Pink wire which allows the amp in the car to simply turn on. All the speaker wires run into the amp and unless something turns it on, you aren't going to hear a thing and think your stereo won't work with aftermarket head units... BUT IT DOES!

    I hope this helps anyone wanting to get a new head unit that works way better than the stock unit.

    NOTE: This works all fine and dandy, if you don't want to use the stupid On-Star crap that no one uses anyways. HOPE This HELPS!!!

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    2001 suburban no sound from rear door speakers.

    i just bought a 2001 suburban with the factory stereo, amp, and subwoofer. the problem is that when i bought it the speakers all worked but had no bass or mids, just treble. so i thought it was the head unit and i replaced it with a pioneer. then the rear door speakers stopped working all together and the sound in the front speakers would sometimes work and sometimes not. so i tried tying the pink and orange wires to the blue remote wire on the pioneer. all that solved was now the sound comes on when it should but i still have no bass and no sound from the sub or rear door speakers. the only speakers working are the front doors and the tweeters in the rear top panels. i have on star without the rear controls. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragnlo View Post
    I have a 2002 tahoe, (non-bose but has onstar, w factory sub) I installed an Alpine head unit with a generic GM wiring harness (like this and was having trouble getting the speakers to work consistently. I would turn the key to acc and it would work, then turn to ignition and it would not work. Or sometimes just not work at all. Everyone was telling me to by the PAC piece, even though I didn't care about keeping the onstar.

    The other harness probably the one you were talking about had a pink wire that interfaces with the factory amps. I connected this to the remote wire on the cd player and have 0 problems since.

    You can see this pink wire as an amp remote wire in the pdf attached by walky_talky20

    Not sure if it will fix your problem or if your radio is the same as mine, but its worth a shot.
    I know this is an Old Thread, but I had to voice how awesome this quote was. In my brother's Suburban there were only the 21 pin plug and one of the 9 pin plugs hooked into the factory radio. (The other half of the 18 pin plug was hooked into a factory adapter of some sort) On the 9 pin plug that hooked into the back of the factory radio was the pink wire, referred to in this quote. I spliced into that pink wire and ran a jumper to the Blue/white wire from the radio harness and BAM the radio sound came on for me too. Hope this narrows down someones searches.

    If I had to do it over again I would have put a shaved down hoop (butt end connector) in the pink wire hole of the plug itself; instead of cutting into that wire. Hind sight is always 20/20!!!!

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