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Thread: Newbie G35 Question

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    Newbie G35 Question

    Hello all,

    I have a very 101 question about the stock head unit on the G35 Coupe (05 in my case). What I am trying to do is find out how to send sound from an external device, to my head unit. This could be an MP3 player or a Nav unit. Does anyone know if there is an "extra" RCA port on the stock head unit?

    The car manual references that you can push the radio button to cycle through AM, FM, FM2, Sat1, and Sat2. I have also obtained the G35 technical specs, but they are not particularlly helpful in identifying what might be back there in the way of extra RCA jacks. I have a bad feeling that no jacks are available, and that the SAT1 and SAT2 might just be for integration of a factory sat reciever

    Any ideas or information? Thanks!

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    Sweet that is perfect. I am going to integrate both the Nuvi and the Ipod. Any links or information on removing the 05+ radios? I have found alot for the 03s and 04s, but the dash has changed since then.


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    If you go to and search for posts by a member named God_of_CPU, you will find a great 05+ head unit removal FAQ, with pictures and all. Lots of good info on g35driver; if you are looking for carputer/carPC info, is the right place to look, but G35 specific info would be better found on

    I've done a full audio and carPC install on my 2005 G35; take a look at the links in my signature for the pictures and info, and feel free to ask any questions. I'm currently on the road travelling to Colorado Springs, so I might take a little bit to get back to you, but I will do my best.

    Another couple of other members with G35's and good installs are amthar, and froalskinner. Search for their posts here on for info as well.

    2005 Infiniti G35 6MT Coupe Black/Black
    Core Duo CarPC
    CarDomain page

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