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Thread: Big 3 Upgrade

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    Big 3 Upgrade

    I plan on doing this upgrade, but I don't think I have enough wire for the alt to battery positive right now. I have enough for neg. battery to chasis and engine to chasis. I want to go ahead and wire these 2 up today and the rest of my wires. Would it be a problem to my car/alternator if I didn't upgrade it while my system was operating? I'll have a carputer, 800 watt peak amp, 500 watt peak amp, audiocontrol xover, xm direct running off the distro if that helps! Thanks for any response!

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    Why wouldn't it? You're not pulling any extra current by grounding everything better. Oh, don't forget to put a fuse between your battery and your alternator. You'll probably need to use ANL fuses.

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    Use the Following Table

    I can't guarantee accuracy, but it came with my Audiobahn amp:

    Name:  Power Cable Calculator.JPG
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    The rest could be found on their website. Choose Tech Tips.
    Page 6 of 52.
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    another few resources:

    Hope this helps.

    Also, you can never have too big of a ground wire. It never hurts to have a ground that's bigger than the power. Just a power that's bigger than a ground when the power is the size needed. Ground should be at least the same size of the power, never smaller.
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