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Thread: Fixing radio - where do I solder?

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    You have replied to a thread that has been dead for over 7 years. (It's easy to do - just get in the habit of checking the last reply(s) dates.)

    Besides, IMO no amount of soldering would fix that unit - IMO the chip has blown.

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    Appears to me you just replied to a thread that is over 7 years old too

    I've found lots of valuable information in old threads, haven't you? I was not trying to help out the OP...he's probably already fixed, replaced or bought a new car. It took me 3 months of fiddling with mine just like the OP until I found somebody with more experience to help me.

    I was merely giving others help in their quest to fix that really common problem with the DC/DC power boards.

    Mine had a blown power resistor (3.3 ohm). You are right, no amount of soldering was going to fix that. $2 part at RadioShack did though! Easy to fix if you put it in the right hands. I didn't even know what a power resistor was until [email protected] explained it to me.

    I'm a newbie on this board...go easy on me. I was just trying to help.

    God Bless

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