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Thread: How Many Inputs?

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    How Many Inputs?

    Hi All,

    My pc is running for last few months without issue and im happy with it, unfortunalty the Audio is a let down due to it being only AC97 on an intel 815 PIII motherboard, im also limited to Low Profile Cards with my Case.

    I am looking at the the Creative Audigy SE Card, its low profile except for the bracket, CHOP CHOP , unfortunatly it only has a single 4 PIN MPC input on the card and the Line/ MIC 3.5mm are a shared input, do you guys think two is enough, one for CDROM and Mic or would you scrap the case and go for the Audigy 4 (a very nice card indeed)

    My motherboard has three 4 PIN MPC inputs on it and then the standard Line and Mic inputs also, it seems the only option is to split the 4 PIN MPC input between the CD and the Radio with only one being active at a time, this leaves me in a pickle when it comes to getting one of the new HQCT when they are supported mainstream.

    Also has anyone tried the new Creative home Cinema Cable, It take the Three Outputs on a Creative Card and Splits them in Front/Rear/Centre and Sub RCA's connections for your AMPS. Very Nice indeed, Just have to wonder about the quality of the cable.

    P4 Celeron 2.2 - 512MB - OPUS 250 - Audigy SE - BU353 - HQCT - No Speakers though :-(

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    You don't really need the analog CD Audio hookup these days, most programs read the CD Audio via the IDE bus digitally. At least that's been my experience. The CD input on my system is actually being used as a line-in for my XM.

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