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Thread: Eliminating Ground Loop

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    lol chill everyone, stop arguing in my topic or i'm going to have to...

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    Look, I'm not trying to beat you up and I'm not on a high horse. In fact I'd be surprised if you've graduated high school.
    Wow, you're a douchebag. I guess my BS in Computer Science doesn't exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    Snootch, a square wave isn't clipped, that's just how it looks when you test the audio voltage with an oscilloscope. The regular wave is trying to produce more voltage to complete its sinus rhythm but can't so it flattens out.

    My example of a square wave above is actually a clean, square wave. Did your TV speakers ever blow from playing Super Mario Brothers or Tetris or Duck Hunt? Not unless you had it cranked to some ungodly volume. There's also triangle waves too also referred to as saw waves.

    Just because square wave and saw waves don't look sinus, they still behave as a sinus wave. A clipped signal no longer behaves like a sinus wave.
    Yes, I know- the point I was trying to make was what's the difference between playing a severely clipped signal versus a square wave? Both signals played at a high enough amplitude will cause damage due to the DC portion of the signals. You could also play a saw wave without damage since there is no DC. You have an increase in voltage, then the phase is flipped. But I don't know why anyone would play a saw wave as it sounds like ****. I'm simply trying to say whether it's a clipped signal OR a square wave, it will cause speaker damage. To the original poster: If you are experiancing distortion or a clipped signal, there are only two things you can do to avoid damaging your speakers:

    1- turn the volume down
    2- buy an amplifier

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