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Thread: 98 Jeep Cherokee Audio Problems!!! Please Help!

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    98 Jeep Cherokee Audio Problems!!! Please Help!

    Dont know the problem???
    can anyone help? i have a 98 jeep cherokee limited edition (not grand) and the stereo/cd/tape player work just fine. but only the back two speakers work. the two in the front doors and two on the dash dont work. i asked the dealership to tell me what was wrong and they said it would be $100 just to take a look, then fixing the problem would be a seperate charge. anyone know what the problem is? im assuming that it is the amp. but would the back speakers still work if that was the case? also, the back speakers have barely any bass. if i play a cd i have to turn the bass all the way down on the eq or it sounds horrible. any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, tim

    pps. if this helps at all. it is a 56007653ac - 36670 infinity amp.
    (if it has anything at all to do with the amp)

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    Here is the Radio Wiring Diagram for you 1998 Jeep Cherokee with the Premium Audio System.


    It appears that the amplifier runs all the speakers. It is probably at least partially bad. I would suggest bypassing the factory amplifier and installing an aftermarket head unit.

    Good Luck.
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    speaker problems

    I just bought a 98 limited edition and I have the same issues with the speakers, only the rear passenger side speaker is working. How did you fix your problem? Was it the amp?


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