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Thread: RCA output

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    RCA output

    Hi to all members, Pls give me some info about the RAC output, I have HU DEP-P8650 and the 3 RCA output is 6.5V, my Amp is MRD-M605 and the input level/gain is from 0.1mv up to 8v. I am new for the car audio setup, I need ur help to set my Amp, how many volt is the best setting to this amp. chers!!!!

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    RCA Output

    Hi Scott, thank u very much for ur help, now I set my Amp gain in a very best setting, now I can not heared the clipping, There was a lot of clipping and I try many things to do to remove that clippings, in the first place i used gage 8 power cable and my freind said my cable is very small to my amp, instead to buy a gage 4 cable, I bough another gage 8 and run it again together with the old one. But the clipping is still there because I don know how to set the gain, I though is if u put in the lowest Volt should be better, but when i hook up the volt metter as u said i saw the execieve current volt coming out. Actualy I already have test tone CD coming from my freind but I don know how to use it,( ''MY DISC'' The Sheffield / A2TB Test Disc ) now I know how to use this, Thank u again Scott CHERSSSSSS!!!!!

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