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Thread: i need help finding the right amp

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    Quote Originally Posted by emttravis View Post
    even at that price it is way too expinsive im looking to spend 60-100 on the amp and what is better about that amp over the lanzar amp

    in a nutshell: everything.

    more specific: components being used what again means better sound-quality, also better components improve the lifetime of it and i think i could go on four hours on this... so what's better? everything, as i said...

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    what they said.

    the ED amp is going to be cleaner and more powerful. I'd suggest you hold off until you can afford the ED amp. It'll last a lot longer then that other amp so you wont have to buy another one in a year or so.
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    is that emt as in "emt-b"? Take the advice on gettin a better amp. Im from the old school car audio era when pyramid was all there was, which wasnt saying alot then either. Check on sales at best buy or ebay, just picked up a fosgate p2002 200 watt amp for $109.00 out the door, fall is here alot of companies are changing models = good closeout prices. Pyramid was notorius for boasting "500 watts" but we blow them with a punch 45. You wont be disapointed with a better quality amp for starters.

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