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Thread: Two amps to one sub???

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    I have not read this thread for a while. Sorry. 2x1000W or 1x1000W was obviously a missprint. I meant 1x2000W.

    Alternator current is independent on speaker impedance. 2400W / 12V (ruffly) gives current requirement. 200A...

    Dampfactor is given by output impedance in amp compared with speaker impedance. In home hifi the speakers are often 8 ohm for this reason (and lack of current). But you are correct. Enclose (and car size) does affect "kick" too.

    8 ohm is four times 2 ohm. No? Thats what I said, wasn't it? That speaker has 2x 2 ohm coils so its 1 ohm or 4 ohm.

    Valid point not to recommend running speaker in stereo as it is easily missunderstod... To me stereo is the same as bridge.

    About crossover. I guess the crossover filter is given by stray capacitance. In that case I think you are wrong Will as the capacitance is really a lot of capacitors between every coil turn. In each case the way the coil is manufactured should be of significance here. Please explain. I'm interested.

    Now, I'm not upto date on whats on the market, but I cannot understand why there's 1 ohm amps around. It's not more expensive to build an amp with 1000W in 20 ohm than in 0.1 ohm. Is it maybe because so many parallell connect a great number of speakes to get high output with an amp that is not designed for that load? It's great that an amp will survive 1 ohm and even a short circuit but to acctually drive a system at 1 ohm... It's not optimal.


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    2000W is about 3 horse powers, or the effect of a low range sauna grill.
    A starter motor is something like one horse power.

    Running the stereo with the engine off is like running the 2-3 starter motors continously.

    And what about heat dissapation? :-)

    Its a great thing music is dynamic.

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    I know that this is possible with my kicker kx600.1. it even comes with the cable for strapping the amps together. aparently this bypasses teh adjustments on the secondary amp. and automatically sets it exactly the same as the first amp
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgithens View Post

    parallel = a*b/(a+b) so 2 fours gets you 2, etc
    series = a+b so 2 fours gets you 8...

    Ok, so one way you get 2 ohms, the other way you get 8 ohms. 2 goes into 8 four times, last time I checked.

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