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Thread: My minimal audio requirements - options - what's it sound like?

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    My minimal audio requirements - options - what's it sound like?

    My buddy gave me his lcd he thought was broken and I managed to repair it. So now I get to put a PC in the car. I'm going with a VoomPC enclosure and a C7 motherboard and I'm only using the built in sound card.

    I've currently got a Panasonic CD model cq-dp103u in the car (no aux) here are some basic specs:

    CQDP103U Pre-Amp Outputs: 2.5V rear.
    4-Channel High Power Amp: 45W x 4
    S/N Ratio: 95dB.

    So as you can see my requirements are quite minimal.
    I would like to keep the radio since the PC won't have a tuner.

    My question is for those who have tried various options to get audio throught the car speakers.

    Should I use:
    FM modulator, splice some wires or get a crappy amp?
    What's easiest and least expensive to get the same quality audio that I currently have?

    I've read about the static and interference of the modulator, I've read of the bad sound of low end amps and I don't really want to put in a CD to trick my radio to play computer sounds.

    If you've listened to the quality of low end amp versus fm modulator..who wins?

    Or are there other alternatives I haven't seen?

    Here's some low end amps I've seen:

    - Bi-polar output transistors
    - 2 ohm stable stereo operation
    - Variable high and low pass crossovers
    - Input level controls, pass through RCA outputs
    - Thermal/short circuit and impedance/DC offset protection
    - 340w peak bridged; 2 x 120w max, 2 x 60w RMS into 4 ohms



    300-watt single channel subwoofer amplifier
    True MOSFET quality amplifier
    Bass boost switch increases bass blasting power
    Equipped with multiple protection features: short circuit, over voltage, overload, and thermal protection
    RCA input and line output jacks
    4 ohm impedance
    Gain control provides clearer sound
    Frequency control provides optimum bass
    Soft start mute turn-on circuit

    As for FM modulator: Wireless or wired if my PC is in the glove box?

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    all options stated are undesireable. FM mods will sound only as good as FM radio stations (now low end, little high). Those amps are EXTREMELY poor quality. STAY AWAY!

    Spend the money on a new head unit with a decent amount of power and an Aux input. Start there.

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    out of those options i'd say get the fm tuner. but i completely agree with will. for the cost of one of those crappy amps (or a bit more) you could maybe find a better head unit with aux inputs. check on ebay for a used h/u and go from there
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    Thanks guys, appreciate it. I'll start looking for a new HU

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    or new better audio card, and connect it directly to the amp

    embedded mini itx audio blows sorry

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