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Thread: Replace Right Speaker in 98' Camry XLE

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    Question Replace Right Speaker in 98' Camry XLE

    I am not a Sound freak by any means...but I noticed the other day this loud buzzing noise from my right speaker. I'm guessing that it has been blown,or cone cracked.
    I called a Toyota dealership...$180.50 for one speaker and $130.00 for labor! Now I'm not giving them all this money,because I need all of this $$$ to go towards the high cost of gasoline, but would be nice to have sounds that soundz good.
    Toyota did tell me that the door panel has to come off.
    is there any web site that has step by step instructions/illustrations to do this? Thank You very much!

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    buy aftermarket and save money on the speaker. a $40 infinity speaker will sound better then teh $180 stock one. but make sure it's compatible. is your sytem a bose system? go to your local car stereo store and listen to some speakers and ask the salesman what you can use. or go buy the speaker through crutchfield and they'll give you instructions for free and any adapters or mounting plates for free as well

    this may take you to the speakers that fit your car:
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    Just remember to change the left speaker too.

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