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Thread: choosing a head unit

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    choosing a head unit

    I need help with choosing a car in-dash head unit. I want to use a carputer in my car, but also need a head unit too.
    This is a requirements from the head unit:
    1. at least 3 preouts for amplifire (rear+front+sub)
    2. sub control via head unit
    3. AUX input (a real input, not "optional", for audio from carputer)
    4. at least 3 channel eq
    5. mp3 (not critical - can use cd only)
    6. 1 DIN size
    7. EROPEAN radio frequency

    Thank you.

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    Eclipse, alpine, etc.

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    kenwood kdc mp5028

    has all the features, superb unit, i have ionstalled in my mom's car after hooked up directly to the amplifier

    R. T. F. M

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    Anything with Option 1 would have Option 2 already. How easy it would be to get to, no idea. I assume by #3 you mean not an external adapter, which limits your choices somewhat, excluding many Pioneers outside of the Premier series.

    Any radio that has option #1 would also have something akin to option #4. Option #5 depends on the radio, but most in the higher price brackets (midrange) can do it.

    You're asking a really general question here. There are probably plenty of radios that can handle it. Go do some research.

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