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Thread: Audi A8 2004 - CD not Readable :(

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    Audi A8 2004 - CD not Readable :(

    Hi all,
    I need your help , when i create my own Audio CD , i get CD no readable message on the MMI when i try the same CD on other cars it work perfect with no problem ... i am using CD-R Media ... please help

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    I suggest burning the disc at a slower speed. 8x or less usually does the trick. If it still won't work, you might try using different software. I usually use Nero or iTunes.

    Good Luck.
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    Hi walky_talky ,
    i used Sony CD-R and it worked well. I used both Nero and windows media player ..

    thanks for the help , i will also try your trick with the same CD-R the was not readable on my car.

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