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Thread: Hifonics Goliath XX-3212 vs other name brands

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    KICKERS 06L7--- Vs ---Hifonics Goliath XX-3212

    thinking about getting a sub for my truck envoy i dont no wat to get. never had one before and trying to get in to all this i dont no which 1s r good ex:Hifonics Goliath XX-3212 kickers 06L7, or Eclipse SW9122, or alpine and jl audio, audioban what are the good highend subs out there and wats your opinion on these subs and reviews.

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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    If you want loud but don't mind too much about sound quality then I'd go with a kicker soloB. That is boom for your buck.

    If you are interested more in SQ and still would like some oomf then I would say RE Audio (if price isn't a problem), JL, CDT, Sound Splinter (they are really more SQ focused), and Infinity off the top of my head. I love my Infinity Perfect 12D VQ's. There is definitely a lot to choose from.

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    thanxs i want both a lil of both but the kickers are really that bad of sound and i was thinking of getting the kicker 15" 06l7

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