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Thread: Pioneer DEH-8650

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    Pioneer DEH-8650

    Hi folks,
    Am in a quandry here. Some time back, there used to be a website where we could download backgrounds, visuals and static images for the Pioneer DEH-8650 car cd-player. I had it on my favourites list, but then my hard drive crashed and i lost all data. I've lost the address of the site and now, even after much searching, am not able to find it. Would be really thankful if you could help me out as i'm in desperate need of some fresh stuff for my head unit.
    Thanks a zillion in advance

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    Don't post in the FAQ Emporium. It's for informational posts ONLY.

    And this forum is for people who put full-fledged PCs in their rides. You're better off looking at a Pioneer-dedicated forum.

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    FAQ icon also removed to prevent confusion forom any other users.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    And that warrants a title like 'Need Urgent Help....'???

    I thought you might have had a problem with your PC not booting and you were headed out on a week long trip or
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    u will find a software on pioneer website to make those backgrounds.

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