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Thread: can you suggest me a radio and speakers with low budget?

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    can you suggest me a radio and speakers with low budget?

    I want to buy a radio and speakers for my car so i'd like some advices if possible.. my budget is very low.
    The car don't have nothing pre installed, so i need to do everything.

    My budget is 150... about 200$ i guess.

    Which radio(with cd) and speakers you suggest?

    i was looking for the sony cdx-gt100 ou maybe cdx-gt200 ..speakers i have no clue

    Advices please

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    difficult one

    but the most important: this is a carputer forum. most people here could only answer car-pc related questions. i'm not saying nobody will help you out, but maybe you'll be better off looking for a specific car audio forum to ask your question. I think you'll get answered much quicker.
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    150.00 is about $250-270 USD

    so with that money you can get some decent radio like alpine, or Kenwood KDC MP5028 unit is pretty good, also MBquart discus series components $90.00, and coax for rear door $60.00

    remember wires are expense too, you can spend a ****load of money just for wires

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