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Thread: Mb Quart Speakers

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    Mb Quart Speakers

    I am in the Market for a set of MB Quart PCE-216's. What sold me on this brand is when I auditioned them at my local dealer compared to all the many brands they had on display the MB Quarts had the flattest smoothest sound. No pronounced Highs or Lows. They also sounded extremely clear, and compared to the other brands they sounded more like a Home Audio speaker. I currently own Focal Polyglass 6 1/2 Components which I personally preferred to the Focal Utopias (Top of The Line), and I will have to say the MB Quart Speaker that I heard have got to be hands down (THE BEST) car audio speaker. The salesman told me that over the years they have a reputation of being (THE BEST).You could tell the speakers were definitely WELL MADE. Yes, they are not cheap but neither are Focals but I think with the MB Quart you are getting more than what you pay for.I had heard of the MB Quart name, but had never auditioned any. Well when I got ready to buy them I called the local dealer and he said they no longer carry MB Quart because the quality has went way down since they were bought buy Rockford Fosgate and there most recent acquisition by Maxxonics USA. I did call another dealer in my area and they strongly denied these claims of there quality being not the same since the acquisition by Maxxonics. The dealer that still carries MB Quart told me that these speakers are still German designed and Hand Built at the Obrigheim facility.My question is has anyone purchase thes speakers this year and if so have they notice a decline in there sound qualty or heard of this?


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    Yeah Ive got a pair of those and they are matched with another hollywood digital component set up front. The MBQ's will be a little on the bright side though, but keep in mind you can adjust the tweeter loudness down to -6db (where I would suggest putting it). They are quite a good set, they are kevlar + diamond powder coated or something. Cones are extremely light weight and have excellent response. Though dont expect a whole lot of midbass out of them. They are full range, but youll be bottoming these out sooner than you think

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    oh and is where I bought mine

    edit: and I feed them 137watts rms each. Peaking at 250

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    For what it's worth I picked up 3 sets of RCE216's and am hoping for some good results. I've never used this type before.
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