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Thread: Soundcard's Spkr/Sub Out 3.5" -> RCA Level Questions

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    Soundcard's Spkr/Sub Out 3.5" -> RCA Level Questions

    Sorry for creating two topics in the same 12 hrs, but I figured this would be best in its own topic.

    My 5.1 soundcard has outputs for both front speakers and the subwoofer, along with the other trillion speaker outputs taht I will not be using.

    Now obviously the 3.5" on each of these has a specific voltage, I'm gonna assume it's relatively low. My inputs on the subs takes in RCA cables, which I just used those handy RadioShack 3.5"->RCA cables that you can get for a few bucks. From what I've read, my amps should take in a higher level, correct?

    My simplified question is this: do I need some form of level booster between the soundcard and speakers/sub? So far I've had no problems with volume, but I'd prefer doing the stuff the right way. Can this all just be done with the gain knob and some tweekin?

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    i'm not a big fan of line drivers...BUT that being said! i was totally awestruck from the improvement that audiocontrol 24sx made in my first set up (sb live 5.1, kxproject drivers, 24sx linedriver/x-over) I have a feeling that it had a lot to do with the x-over but it sounded 10x better with the audiocontrol unit. a benifit of a line driver is when you have long cable runs. the higher voltage reduces the noise that is picked up along the way (not really reduces the amount of noise that it picks up...but it's more of a ratio.)
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