What's up, fellas. I have done a ton of research. I've invested about $600+ dollars and my funds for this are now running thin. I have purchased a VW Phatbox, had the Infiniti SAT wiring harness installed, a cable made to replicate pinouts for communication and changed the firmware within the DMS cartridge. It looks as though the firmware on the Phatbox updated successfully as the directions instructed when the car was turned on. Unfortunately, I am receiving a "No Sat" reading on the radio.

The question that I have is that I've seen that the cable that Phatnoise used to provide seems to have a black box connected to the wire that had some electronics in it, is that correct? If so, do you know how I may modify my current setup so that this may work.

This is just some of the information that I've read, that may be important.

"Standard line audio needs to be converted to 'differential' line audio and there needs to be a serial link w. the head-unit communcating using proprietary command sets."

"When using the normal PhatBox firmware (CD Changer Emulation), text is not displayed. PhatNoise does have some Satellite Emulation firmware that they were working on which can display text, but it has way too many bugs and problems. They may never get that firmware working properly."

Thanks for any assistance that you may be able to provide.