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Thread: Word on the street is....

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    Fact from Fiction

    Audiobahn, Alphasonik, Digital Audio, Blitz Audio, Swiss Audio are all owned by Nasser
    and are all BANKRUPT! (They have had money problems for the last couple of years)
    Last year Pyle bought and put out the flame series woofers.
    Should have been a real big red flag to everyone but the younger guys in this buisness I guess just did not see it.

    The Anaba group which is owned by Nassers brother is still at this time in buisness, but is shifting lines around to avoid the same trap as his brother

    Anaba Group is MA Audio, Thump, Profile, Visonik.

    Digital Audio was puchased by Juan Carlos formerly of Ma Audio and is currently in the process of rebuilding the company. This years products will not change from last years offerings. He is going to offer a low priced kit and harness line ( with the quality of Metra kits) called Platinum Audio.

    There is always the possiblity of a buyout of one or all company"s. Jensen was rescued by Audiovox. Keep an eye
    on them I have seen some real quality jumps in some areas.
    Directed was talking of purchasing Audiobahn but,that is all it is at this point... talk.
    So stay tuned and I will pass on more as I learn more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg1audio View Post
    Last year Pyle bought and put out the flame
    Intentional pun?

    You know, there's money to be made in the clearinghouse: They could re-badge the remains and market them as "Bahnkruptorz" or "Inda-redz" or "DeFunctz" or some such other name that ends in "z" and sounds vaguely foreign.
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    Well, I've used Audiobahn in the past, and... NEVER AGAIN.

    Now Visonik, if you do your homework, can be good equipment. Their HC line was great, and I'm using one to this day. Been running strong for at least 3 years now and I have zero complaints. Granted, it was cheap, but running 1ohm stable was important to me at the time.

    Also, love the naming scheme hit. F-ing hilarious.
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    When We saw Pyle's offerings we called em PYLEBAHN'S

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