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Thread: Does Speakers "Age" affect sound quality ?

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    Lightbulb Does Speakers "Age" affect sound quality ?


    I got an offer for a pair of New speaker, but manufactured in 1999.

    Does it affect the sound quality? does the fibers inside the speakers dry with age?

    What do you advice? Get them or forget about them?


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    I think this is a fine question! I would look into the materials that are used in the suspension, cone, and spider. Most good quality car audio speakers try to use materials that will withstand the extreme environment found inside cars (ie, the dead heat of summer inside a virtual greenhouse on wheels, the bitter cold of winter, and the constant vibrations of years of travels). So, if these speakers seem to be of good quality in the first place, and if they have been stored in a relatively controled environment, then I personaly don't see the problem with them even though they are not hot off the assymbly line. As with any speaker, you should not run them at full capacity for about a week or so to allow proper break-in. Use your best judgement with regards to what "full capacity" is. Anyway, run them at about 50% - 75% volume for the initial break-in to allow the motor assymbly to reach a normal operating temperature so that tiny air bubbles in the glues can work themselves out.

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    i heard speaker break in is a farce. if the motor of a speaker is moving at hundreds-thousands of cycles per second, it wont take take long for it to break it. care to elaborate?
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    Yes. As previously stated, the glues that manufatures all use to hold together vital parts of the motor assymbly will often have mini bubbles stired up in the glue. If you run the **** out of a speaker right out of the box, you run the risk of these air pockets expanding rapidly all at once. If this happens, it comprimises the close tolerances inside the motor assymbly, especially at the voice coil. Then the glue loses integrity, and parts start rubbing together that arent supposed to rub together.

    I've seen kids blow their subs time and time again because they dont let them properly break in. Besides, it doesn't hurt anything by doing a break-in, so even if the manufactures and installers who recommend it are wrong, nothing is lost!

    It's all about operating temperatures inside the motor assymbly. It has nothing to do with cycles per second!

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    speaker break-in is more about the suspension as far as I know, it is bull for some speakers, but important for others, depending on construction & materials used... I never though it had anything to do with temperatures inside the motor assy

    I would think 6-7 year old speakers are going to all depend how they were stored, but should be fine in the respect that they'll be as good as they were back in 99 if they haven't been damaged... technology has advanced quite a bit with speakers in the past 7 years though, & a newer set may be better in that respect...

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    Thanks for your replies,

    The speakers are Rockford Fosgate FRC1206F 50W nominal, but I couldn't find anything info on the net since they're too old. They are brand new, in their box.

    I am affraid that they have lost in quality.. and I don't want to install something that have become obsolete in my car since I'm getting everything brand new. I want to get the best to avoid any problems in the futur.

    My other option will be the 2006 Pioneer 60W nominal; I know RF and Pioneer are not comparable but I would consider the Pioneers for the only reason that they are very recent and a little cheeper.,00.html

    or those 50W nominal that are half the price,00.html

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