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Thread: Changing Center Speark-Out to Line-In??

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    Changing Center Speaker-Out to Line-In?? w/ picture

    Hi all,
    been using my carputer for over a year now and i love it. but i'm getting kinda tired of not having a radio (either fm or xm) and i want to change that.

    the problem with my current setup is i'm using my onboard audio card. i have a Biostar U8668 p4m266a with a built in c-media cmi9761a 6-channel sound card. I have it laid out in my car like this: (had some fun making it.)

    the way my system is setup, i have one extra RCA that is supposed to be used for the center channel. i'm not an audio guru and need 5.1 sound, my 4.1 is great for me.

    what i'm looking to do is make that center channel a line-in so that i can hook up a xm/fm/mic to it and use it for some good.

    is there a program out there that will change this up for me?

    OR, maybe another option would be to use another input. here's the list of my MOBO's inputs:

    1 x CD-In Connector
    1 x Parallel , 1 x Serial
    4 x IDE Hard Disk Devices (Support Ultra DMA 33/66/100/133 Bus Master Modes)
    1 x RJ-45 LAN Jack
    2 x Rear USB 2.0 ,2 x Front USB 2.0(For 4 USB 2.0 Ports)
    1 x VGA Port
    1 x Chassis Intrusion Connetcor
    1 x Floppy
    1 x Front Audio Header
    1 x IrDA Header
    1 x Lin-out/Lin-in/Mic
    1 x PS/2 mouse, 1 x PS/2 keyboard
    1 x S/PDIF Out Connector(Optional)

    I'm not sure what S/PDIF is (i know it's audio) but i'm thinking maybe with the right wiring i could use that or the CD-In connector to do the trick. would that work and what type of wiring would i need?

    thanks for your help!

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    I don't think you can do what you want to do with that extra RCA. Your S/PDIF is output, not input, so that is out too. I think your best bet is the "CD-IN" connector on the motherboard. Check out this thread:
    AUX Input options
    Look at the 6th post. You can buy (or make) an adapter to turn that CD-IN connector into a 3.5mm line in jack. I believe it will show up in the windows volume control as the "CD Player" slider.

    Good Luck.
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