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Thread: sound deadener stinks to holy heaven

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    sound deadener stinks to holy heaven

    I applied a thick coat of ASD from this seller on eBay:

    I think I may have totally ruined my precious restoration project 92 Firebird convertible.

    This stuff stinks like hell a week later. Nothing's in the car and I left it closed. Now I'm leaving a window down and the trunk open to see if it'll dissipate.

    Does anybody have any experience with this?

    I asked the seller when it would stop stinking and am awaiting a reply.

    The two solutions I've come up with are 1) stripping the whole vehicle of this **** with a hose and a scraper. Or 2) painting over the whole application to seal it in and hopefully seal in the stink.

    What do you guys think? Thanks a lot.


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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    leaving the doors and window closed would have left no where for the gasses giving off during drying/curing to go. With anything like this it should be left with plenty ventilation. If this is in a garage it would be best to put it outside with windows open. Obviously you then have a security worry.

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    It's outside with a window and the trunk open now. Since I didn't do that for a week of initial curing are you saying I'm sunk? The gases and stuff really don't have a lot to stick to given that there's absolutely nothing in the car except the door panels which are being discarded soon anyway. Thanks for your help. Let me know if I really screwed up that first week or if it'll be ok in a while - maybe a week or two more of drying. Thanks.

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    What does it smell like?

    Our liquid dampener smells like chemical mangoes for about 48 hours ~ a week depending on how sealed the car remains, but goes away pretty quick.

    Hell, I glassed a bunch in my car last week(full interior) and even staying sealed for 7 days, the smell is almost gone already.
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    The ASD from this guy smells like some kind of bad mildewy chemical. Definitely not mangos which would have been better. After leaving the car open for a few days, the smell is almost gone. So it's all good. Thanks a lot for responding!

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