I have a Hifonics BXi 1606D amp. Now ever since I upgraded and installed the amp my radio gets no reception but before I got reception. I didn't listen to the radio a month till after I got the amp but I soon realized it was the amp itself. So I unplugged the amp from the positive wire to the battery and the radio works, unplugged the remote wire and it works. So it's obviously the amp or something to do with the wires. I seperated the rcas and ran them on the opposite side of the car from positive wire, but no luck. I also get a very low whine the volume is low enough for you to hear it. It Doesn't get any higher when i accelerate also or when I press the brakes.

I also found the antennae wire that connects to the radio and when i played around with the rca wires, the farther I went away I got better reception when I stretched it near the top of the windshield here and there though. It didnt work most of the time but it was a hint to the problem.

Is there any thing that they make to where I can wrap the rcas so it doesn't send off any waves to disrupt any other wires or any other suggestions, I'm not sure what to do but I think I need new RCAs or better quality ones.

I read up on ways on how to fix this but I would like to state my problems to the public before I try multiple ways listed on this forum to fix this. Help is appreciated thanks