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Thread: VW 24 pin amplifier connetor?

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    VW 24 pin amplifier connetor?

    Hi. I am trying to install a factory amplifier to my 2004 VW touareg.
    VERY Unfortunately, my car does not have amplifier connectors.
    Does any one know how and where to get the 24pin (T24) connectors?
    I have been wandering around to find get them for the last 2 weeks. But, it just gave me a headake.Name:  Amp.jpg
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    Just see if these are 2.54 spacing. If yes, any pin connector block will work for you.
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    Thank you for you help!
    If you are not bothered, can you tell me a little bit more about what 2.54 spacing means? I am a novice.
    So, it means the spacing between pins is 2.54 mm. Am I getting it right?
    Thank you so much in advance.

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