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Thread: inputing multiple audio sources via 5.1

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    inputing multiple audio sources via 5.1

    Should I just use like 12 " Y " cables? To input like 4 sources to my amplifiers (3 pairs of rca's?

    How should route multiple audio sources to my amplifers (either 5.1 or 7.1), coming from my front end (or pc sound card), also I need to be able to switch rca inputs to the amplifiers so I can get sound for the computer, from ps2, from an aux input like (portable mp3). I don't know how to hook these all up, i don't want a bulky home audio router up front.


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    You need a processor. They don't have to be bulky. Mine is 1/2 DIN, and there are smaller ones available, as well as models that can be hidden instead of dash-mounted. That would make switching between sources simple.
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