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Thread: Wiring computer/Carputer to Amp/sub combo

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    Wiring computer/Carputer to Amp/sub combo

    Hey guys, i have two 12 inch subs powered by a sony amp. All of it has been professionally wired. It is wired to my stock head unit, because they used some harness or something

    My question is:
    -Do i wire my computer to the amp, and how

    Heres what im thinking:
    do i basically just take the two or how ever many wires from the amp that are going to my headunit, disconnect them and splice to the audio out jack that ill use for the computer?

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    basically yes. check out the faq sub forum and there is a faq that will show you how to do it. pretty simple really. what soundcard doyou have?
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    do you have a 4ch amp yet? or does your factory headunit have an auxilary input? How exactly are you getting your audio from the computer to your car? As for wiring the subamp to the computer, that's simple, but as for how you're getting the rest of the audio... that's in question...

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    i am pretty sure that the rest of the audio (speakers if that is what you mean) is connected through that same amp. So this is why i came to my previous conclusion using the computer as audio input instead of headunit. As far as sound laptop is a Compaq evo n1020v not sure waht card it has, why?

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    your Laptop only has an onboard sound card, unless you plan on going with a USB driven external soundcard like the Creative Blaster one... I would recommend you do so with that because the only other way you would be able to do this is taking the 3.5mm headphone jack and splitting it to all holy hell into the inputs for the amp. Are you sure the amp is driving the speakers as well? 5ch? 6ch? 4ch?

    I would recommend getting an external soundcard, taking the front output (they'll still be a 3.5mm output) and rear output and sub output all independant and running that to the amp.... What you're looking for is a 3.5mm headphone to RCA adapter...

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